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Chapter Four - Shake, Rattle and Roll

Free Will
Positive Thinking
Insecurity, Guilt, and Shame
Life and Death, Happiness and Despair

I. Mastery of Destiny
Direction and Nature of Progression
Movement Through Space and Time
Upgrading From Lower Spiritual Influences To Higher Spiritual Influences
II. Mastery of Self
Organismal Drives And Attitudes
Levels Of Self-Realization--The Seven Cosmic Circles
Reactions To Environment -- Returning Good For Evil

III. Mastery of Environment
Self-hood Organization

Chapter Five - Care And Maintenance / Customizing

Spiritual Technology
Hate Rituals?
Soul Work:
Connecting to the Source, 
Connecting to your true Self,
Connecting to others

Chapter Six -  Your Next Life Vehicle

Trading In Your Body
Will They Take It?
Trade-In Value
A Great Deal

Chapter Seven - The Real World

The Power of Self
Where Are You?
Decisions, Decisions
What Are You Willing To Do?
The Birth of Gaia's Consciousness
Science, Philosophy, Religion
The Bottom Line
The Visitor Goes Home

Bibliography and Suggested Readings