Health & Eternal Life The Fractal Perspective

          If Gaia is a living thing, could it be that there are other planets out there that are also living? If so, as this is a tremendously huge universe, could there be numerous other living planets out there, maybe a well-organized society of intelligent, spiritual and mature planetary entities? When Gaia becomes fully conscious and somewhat whole, she will realize that the "adults" have been checking up on her all this time, smiling down from their place in the heavens nurturing her in the best way. They are there.
          However, don't be looking out for starships and flying saucers such as we see in TV, films, and books. I'm talking about "adults" that are far more advanced than we can imagine. It's obvious that their modes of transportation would be so far removed from our present conceptions of space travel that they would be unrecognizable to most humans. The vehicles would be more like living energy fields as opposed to machines, for example;  the seraphic transports as mentioned in
The Urantia Book.
          Is there any evidence whatsoever for such a grand (and to modern society, preposterous) idea? If the above is true, why aren't the beings from outside telling us in a overt manner, for instance like parking a space vehicle over the White House and giving us the cure for cancer, a new source of energy and other fabulous technologies?
          Logically, it seems obvious that beings from a highly advanced and spiritual civilization will know that if they give us unearned technology that we will abuse it. We even know that ourselves. So why do we think that just because we open up our electronic ears to the universe (such as with SETI), that these loving beings will whisper to us secrets that will be our undoing? Are they so irresponsible?
          If Earth was a person, she would be a toddler or a baby. A baby that rightfully belongs in a nursery, segregated from the "adult" universe society. Which is a more reasonable assumption: That we are alone or that they want us to stay in our crib until we're house trained?
          The  particular challenge that the "adults" face is that although it is in their hearts and minds to do something to benefit our situation, they do not want to inadvertently do us harm. Like raising a normal child, they don't want to spoil us, but they don't want us doing permanent damage to ourselves or our environment.
          So they have been talking to us, but it appears they have only been sending us spiritual information which we can use to better ourselves in order to raise our level of consciousness to match the acceptable levels of conduct in the rest of the universe. Before we are invited to the party, we must learn how to behave, you know, simple things, like keep from killing other people, clean up after yourself and be nice.   
          Information on how we can evolve in that direction has been revelatory to the minds of those who were capable of receiving such information, and some of it was written down and became scriptural. The true essences of the major revelations still last to this day, but a great deal of it became dogmatized doctrine. Fortunately, our spiritual brothers and sisters did not give up and are still constantly sending us new and updated information all the time - but due to the complexities of communicating with Earthly languages, these messages get garbled. In order to understand what they have been trying to teach us, we have to cut through all the human misconceptions, religious dogma and baggage, scientific biases, false assumptions and fear, the things that have keep us from seeing true reality, the things that make it so difficult for people to evolve.
          Knowing what you know of the universe, science, spirituality, God and reality, is it so farfetched that our universe is totally organized and planned, that it is filled with intelligent beings, both material and spiritual? That we were born in a friendly universe populated by a family of creatures engaged in a universal, harmonious purpose? That it is only our state of immaturity and undevelopment that keeps us seemingly isolated? That we are, in fact and truth, being watched over, even as we speak?

          The universe is family and we can live forever.

          If what I say is true, we will not find hard scientific evidence to conclusively prove it to the world. In fact, if what I say is true, such hard scientific evidence is purposely not forthcoming because it would be dangerous and a detriment to mankind. The good thing is that we don't need that kind of information. We are up to our eyebrows in technological gizmos. We need information that can help us grow up, not physically and materially, but mentally and emotionally. The evidence abounds, however circumstantial and unprovable. They have been giving us the information we need to mature. Information as to who we are. Where we're going. What we should be doing here. How to attain self-mastery and to empower the love within our souls.

Health & Eternal Life - The Fractal Perspective

          Going even further, let's extend this fractal model all the way to the maximum finite consciousness bordering on the infinite: to the intelligence and consciousness of the universe entity - what some have called the Supreme Being, and relate it to the minimum finite consciousness - our cells.
          We, humans, are fractal representations of neurons,  brain cells, (although some of us act like sperm cells, or muscle cells, or whatever we are patterning ourselves after). Neurons are memory cells. There are short term memory cells and long term memory cells. As you know from your own personal experiences, short term memories are memories that are not really that important, like say, what the color of your toothbrush was five years ago. That data was not important to you so you chose not to keep it. A long term memory may be memory you had of your first kiss or maybe your first child, or how to drive a car. It is memory you find valuable to yourself, to your entire organism.
          A short term memory becomes long term memory when the mind decides it is important enough to keep. What happens in the brain is that a short term memory cell gets tweaked so that a gene is expressed. It gets turned on. This is a genetic change so that now it can be copied and replicated. The original cell can die but the stored pattern of connections (memory) will remain in the organism as long term memory.
This is the fractal pattern of eternal life. This is what the religions and philosophies have been trying to


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