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man Doidge, M.D., he writes that as far as we know, memory is a stored pattern of connections. It is a record of how that cell related to other cells.
          If you think about it, that is also what we humans are. We are stored patterns of our connections to other people and things; a record of our relationships with other beings, things and events.
          However, looking at the bigger picture, we who are Gaia's brain cells are not yet of sufficient quantity and quality to give rise to a unified consciousness.

          At first, the only means of communication between these "brain cells" was word of mouth, now we've got film, television, the internet, and personal wireless communication.
          The passage of information that goes on through these connections between people are what constitutes the "thoughts" of Gaia's world mind. In these exchanges of thought, we pass along information that greatly impacts the whole world, for good or for bad. It is important that we nurture Gaia into becoming a good entity, a good "person," if you will. An entity who looks after the welfare of the whole planet, as a single unit.
          Just as there are many thoughts in a human mind, there are many thoughts coursing the pathways of the planetary mind. The brief shallow communications between individuals may have little consequence in impacting the world as a whole, but thoughts and ideas from politics, science, and religion are often embedded in film, TV, music, literature and other forms of mass media that circulate around the globe and do influence the course of world events. These are the dominant thoughts of the proto-planetary mind. By dominant thoughts, I mean those thoughts that directly lead to action which impacts the welfare of the entire unit, whether it is a single human being or a planet.
           It is important that the dominant thoughts be peace-generating, healthy, sane, grounded and loving. As we are the basic units where the thoughts originate, we, therefore are the ones who must initiate and embody those thoughts. We are the fractal units which make up the planetary mind. It is important that we increase the quantity of quality thoughts: thoughts that inspire people, thoughts that lead to service oriented action, to harmony, to peace, to oneness.
          Obviously, Gaia is not there yet. She does not yet have a cohesive mind. She is not of one mind at all. Some "brain cells" are waking up and realizing the need for environmental hygiene but they are being opposed by others who are unaware. There are pitch battles between cells within the organism. Basically, Gaia is defecating freely into the environment and her limbs are all akimbo, her energies undirected and ungainly. It is plain to see that Gaia is a baby with a consciousness that is slowly forming.
          We, the ones who are aware of Gaia's budding consciousness are the ones who will play a major role in the development of her character and soul. We are the initial proto-mind that will evolve into a planetary mind.
          You are Gaia. I am Gaia. It is this awareness and self-recognition that is the foundation of Gaia's nascent mind and soul.
          We are, in reality the initial units of memory that make those choices which constitutes morality on a planetary scale. Gaia starts to know what is right and wrong when we,  her brain cells start to know what is right and wrong. And we can see what Gaia is thinking for it is the same thing that we, her brain cells, our thinking. And we can see our thoughts streaming throughout the hyper-media: film, music, TV, wireless communications, internet, books, magazines, person to person dialogue, etc., - the total communication experience of humans to each other. And looking at what is going on in the hyper-media, it is evident that Gaia is but a toddler, her mind not quite unified, and not whole or mature enough to be considered a stable and responsible entity.
          For Gaia's consciousness to evolve, the individual units of information that comprise its brain, you, I, each of us, must actualize our wholeness as a unified being. There cannot be separation of body, mind and soul. No domineering of one part over the other part. We must be become one and whole, first as individuals, than as a planet, so that we can start our journey of mastery. It all starts from us. We are Gaia, but at the same time we are Gaia's parent and child. Let us care for her, nurture her, and raise her as we would a flesh and blood child of our loins.

          Now let's look back to the fractal model. We have the brain cells, humans, and then Gaia. How much further does the pattern go? How does it relate to the universe?
          Gaia all grown up will be a marvelous and awesome entity! Peace, health and prosperity  will reign as all her "cells" will be working together in harmony and oneness. If Gaia can grow up to become an "adult," could there be other "adults" out there?
          Recently, due to our latest telescopes, there have been fabulous photos of outer space that show millions of brilliant stars that seem to go on endlessly. Some of those photos, though, are not of individual stars. I saw one photograph and reading the caption realized that each one of those points of light were not stars, but galaxies, each one in turn made up of millions of stars.
          The realization hit me that there have been more than ample time and space for the universe to come up with many "adults," even societies of planetary entities, of entire civilizations! Of course! Civilizations that we can barely comprehend. Incredibly wise, with technology and energy systems that would seem Godlike. They would truly be spiritual adults.
          Our Earthly civilization is arguably 40,000 years old, give or take. This includes civilizations that have come and gone. It may be a generous figure, but the exact number is not important. The fact is we haven't been around that long, compared to the rest of the universe. Our technology has advanced to the point where we are now talking about quantum computers and nanotechnology. Our material quality of living has increased dramatically as a result of science and technology. Many things that were unimagined are now actually being done so that we are able to see glimpses of the possibilities.
          Now, if our young civilization could do this in 40,000 years, can you imagine what a million year old civilization could do? A billion year old civilization?


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