What Are You Willing To Do? / Birth of Gaia

          I recently took an online safety course in driving an automobile. I was pleasantly surprised at the similarities of some of the lessons in driving an automobile safely with operating a human vehicle safely. It was so similar that all it took was to paraphrase it a bit and we have this:

What Are You Willing To Do?

Making Decisions

           People in the "real" world are faced with making decisions, decisions that could have a positive or negative outcome.
          Most people have not read a book such as this one or have explored these concepts and methods. Consequently, their decisions are based largely on how they feel,  or what they've been told. Most of them do not know what we know about attaining mastery of their vehicle. Many of them simply do not see that they have choices and the choices they make affect the people around them.

Taking Responsibility

          Throughout this book, we have emphasized some important points about self-mastery. Think about each of these each time you make a life decision:

· You are the only person who can control your behavior from within.
· Make your own decisions, your own choices. Do not give up control of your human vehicle to others: individuals or organizations, to random emotions, or to ideas that are not supported by your own internal and external experiences.
· Even though there are life conditions which you cannot control (heredity, accidents, diseases, etc.) you can control your own actions and how you deal with those conditions.
· For every life decision you make, there are consequences. The consequences of correct life decisions are that you will have a satisfying and fulfilling journey that will enrich your soul.
· The consequences of poor life decisions can range from a life without meaning to soul death.

          The big difference between a mechanical automobile and your human vehicle is that in the material world most of us drive our cars to get to our office where the real work begins. In spiritual reality, the mastery of our human vehicle
is the work. And a life just being safe is not necessarily the best for us.  A person with depth and character is going to experience some things which are going to put a few nicks and dents into his human vehicle. But these are often personal choices. To each his own. Do you want a safe commuter trip or an interesting adventure?

          And as we enjoy our journey we must be ever mindful that we are not alone. What we do as individuals affect the bigger whole. We are part of a larger organism: Gaia.

The Birth of Gaia's Consciousness

          It's been happening over the course of millennia, from drum beats to smoke signals to carrier pigeons and on. But it's been most dramatic in the past hundred years: From the telegraph to telephone to radio to television to the internet to wireless communications, the physical dendritic structures that are the foundation of Gaia's consciousness have been evolving.
          Gaia/Earth is more than just a ball of mud with germ-like creatures living on the surface. We are one, the planet and its inhabitants, and as one, the Earth is a living, loving, breathing organism with mindal and spiritual qualities. Human beings are not apart from Gaia,
we are Gaia as much as the fishes, trees, oceans, the clouds and the ecosystem. Humans are an intrinsic part of Gaia. We are her "brain cells". We are the beginnings of Gaia's consciousness.
          At this point we are not yet a cohesive unit with a single mind. We are divided into nations and separate ideological groups with no center of command, no head, no coordination of the parts which make us up. The planetary mind is as yet unformed.
          What constitutes a planetary mind? What do I mean by saying that the planet Earth is forming a mind?
          The mind of a person has as its foundation, the brain. To simplify, a brain functions with intelligence because brain cells - neurons which hold information - communicate with other neurons through dendrites and axons, the input/output connections. The more connections are made, and the faster they are made, with better information, the more intelligent we are.
          People on this planet are like brain cells in the brain. We are Gaia's neurons. Packages of information. The quantity and quality of our connections impact greatly on the intelligence and consciousness of Gaia.
          The neuron is basically a memory cell that hold data. In "The Brain That Changes Itself" by Nor


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