When thinking "out of the box" becomes exceptional,
that means there are too many thoughts in boxes.

          In order to perceive our own transformation, we must have a point of view inside and outside of ourselves, for the changes that we are undergoing is not just of the individual, but to the cells inside of us and to the planet and even to the universe. But because we are so close to the process and so intrinsically connected to its outworking, we are often only dimly aware of what is happening to us and around us. That is why we must sometimes put our viewpoint outside of ourselves, to see who and what we are from another person's point of view. And when they speak to us to tell us what they think, we can learn from it. If we can do that with the Earth and human beings as a whole, how interesting would that be? To see the cosmic point of view regarding the most important thing to know in life: the purpose of existence.

The Big Assumption

Copernicus theorized scientifically that the Earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. Galileo gave us empirical proof. Previous to his conclusions, most people thought that the universe was geocentric, that the Earth was at the center of everything and that the universe revolved around us.
          Astronomically, our views have changed, but socially, we are still geocentric. Because we have no scientific evidence of other living beings outside of our planet, we still consider ourselves at the center of the universe; socially, we are the sole inhabitants of space and time as we know it and there is nothing more. We base our activities and behavior according to this assumption.
          Which is fine, if the assumption is correct.
          However, let us go on the assumption that it is not correct.
         The big assumption based on lack of scientific evidence otherwise is that we are alone.  Living as we are in our corner of the universe, it appears that we, humans, are the only sentient beings in existence. Our scientific curiosity sends probes out to the distant planets in an effort to find life. Programs such as SETI, or the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences use the latest instruments and radio telescopes to search the sky for messages that may have arisen from other civilizations. Yet, we find nothing, no conclusive proof that there are any intelligent creatures out there with advanced technology. Our limited scientific explorations and endeavors have so far made us assume that we are alone.  I was thrilled when SETI first started and am still hopeful that we will detect other civilizations in that way. But in the meantime, I decided to look into the assumption that was opposite to the one commonly held. That we are NOT alone.
          The new assumption became: The universe is fully inhabited, organized, ordered and maintained. We are not alone. We are separated from the rest of the universe by our lack of spiritual growth. When we, as a planet, have attained self-mastery, that is, self-control as a single cohesive unit, the universe will be open to us. We are still embryonic. The world's consciousness must be born so that we can grow into an entity with a single mind and a coordinated body before we can be welcomed into the "adult" universe.
          The assumption follows that the outside universe is filled with highly intelligent, spiritual and moral beings, much more intelligent, spiritual and moral than us: spiritual adults.
          We, ourselves, know from our past history that when an advanced civilization encounters a less advanced society, the lesser society suffers. No matter how beneficent the more advanced civilization is, just the influx of new ideas and new technologies, if too potent, destroys the motivation, self-respect and culture of the less developed society. And if a civilization with highly advanced technology gives some of that knowledge to a society that has not developed the necessary restraint and control, that society will destroy itself. It is like allowing a twelve year old to drive a powerful sports car.
          It seems obvious that beings from a highly advanced and spiritual civilization will know that if they give us unearned technology that we will abuse it. We even know that ourselves. So why do we think that just because we open up our electronic ears to the universe, that these loving beings will whisper to us secrets that will be our undoing? Are they so irresponsible? When the assumptions change, so do everything else that follows.
          Does it even require that big of an assumption? Take a step back and look at the Earth. There is no central mind, which means a lack of direction. The "body" is disjointed, one part fighting another. It defecates and soils its immediate environment, wallows in its own filth and is a breeding ground for terrible diseases. If Earth was a person, would you want to associate with him? Which is a more reasonable assumption: That we are alone or that they don't want to associate with us just yet? Follow the right assumption and everything begins to fall into place.
          Quite evidently, the rest of the universe out there do want to help us. They cannot just sit back and watch us torment and kill each other and degrade our environment. It is in their hearts and minds to do something to benefit our situation without inadvertently doing us harm. What they have been doing for a long time is to send us spiritual information which we can use to better ourselves so that we can raise our level of consciousness to match the acceptable levels of conduct in the rest of the universe. Before we are invited to the party, we must learn how to behave, you know, simple things, like keep from killing other people, clean up after yourself and be nice. Information on how we can evolve in that direction has been revelatory and were streamed to the minds of those who were capable of receiving such information, and some of it was written down and became scriptural. The true essences of the major revelations still last to this day, but a great deal of it became dogmatized doctrine. Fortunately, our spiritual brothers and sisters did not give up and are still constantly sending us new and updated information all the time - but due to the